As practitioners in family law, we are focused on working diligently to achieving results that restore balance in the lives of our clients.

Family Law

Legal Separation

Many married couples separate when determining whether they should split permanently or work towards resolving their issues. These couples may choose to receive a court-approved legal separation that defines the legally enforceable rights and obligations surrounding the separation without permanently ending the marriage.


Paternity, or parentage, relates to the rights and duties of a mother and father. Proving paternity, the rights of parents of children born out of wedlock, child support, parenting time and parental decision-making are a few things that are determined through paternity rights. If you have questions about paternity, and your rights, we can help.

Allocation of Responsibilities and Parenting Time

In divorces and paternity actions involving children, the allocation of responsibilities and parenting time (formally known as custody) will need to be determined. Our office is well equipped to guide people through contentious litigation that can surround children. We understand that litigation can be very difficult on children and our goal is to minimize that impact.